Get Some Clarity

Let Exact Business Consulting help you gain some insight into your business at the financial, process and data flow levels. With a stronger understanding of what is happening inside your business, you can make better decisions and become more efficient. By being more efficient and accurate with your handling of data, your business will perform better. Read on to find more information on some of the ways we can help and get in touch with us.

Make Decisions Based On (Good) Data

In order to make good decisions, you need good information that reflects reality.

Know Where You Are Going

Things are a lot easier when you have a technology plan mapped out.

Migrate From Desktop Accounting Systems

Make things easier by moving to a cloud-based accounting system and forgetting about software upgrades and large file transfers.

Eliminate Double-Handling Of Data

Stop costly and error-prone manual duplication of data between systems.

Increase Efficiency

Improve your business’ performance by getting more done with the same amount of resources.

Know Where You Are

Always know what position your business is in and how to improve it.

Migrate From Legacy Accounting Systems

Are you stuck using an old desktop accounting system because you need it for the way it works with another piece of legacy desktop software? At Exact Business Consulting, we can formulate a roadmap to upgrade your systems so that you can enjoy the benefits of cloud-based accounting software, as well as the benefits of newer Line of Business applications. With a cloud-based accounting system, your bookkeeper can do their work anytime from anywhere without you needing to wait for them to come in or arranging a time for them to connect remotely to the computer hosting the file while nobody else is using it. When it's your accoutant's turn, you don't need to worry about large file uploads or sending USB drives in the mail. They can just get in and do what they need against the latest version of the file.

Decrease Double Handling

If you have information silos that aren't connected, then your employees will spend a lot of time re-entering data that you already have in your business. Not only could your employees use all of that time for activities that utilise their skills more effectively and advance your business, re-entering data can introduce errors that weren't there originally. We can help you by eliminating your data silos or bridging the gap between them with an automated solution.

See How Healthy Your Business Is

The health of a business is much more than simply how much cash is in the bank right now. Rather than waiting until you run out of money to realise that you have a problem, it's much better to spot the problem early enough to do something to avoid the crunch or mitigate it as much as possible. We can help by using the data you already have in your systems as a base and presenting possible future scenarios in an easy to understand visual format instead of a huge wall of numbers in a complex spreadsheet. In addition to cashflow, we can also help you understand what the main drivers in your business are and how changes to them affect your business as a whole, as well as unearthing a few insights hidden in the data.

Increase Efficiency

Most businesses have inefficiencies within them, both known and unknown. Exact Business Consulting can help you identify inefficient processes and their sources and help you come up with solutions to have things running more efficiently. With a task that is repeated often, even a small saving in time can quickly add up to something significant. Needlessly manual processes are a real source of frustration for employees so this also leads to happier employees and a better workplace environment.

Build a Technology Roadmap

It's not possibly to fix every problem at once. Whether the constraints are budgetary, time-based, technological or a combination thereof, you have to choose a particular issue to fix at a time. It is still important to have an overall plan, so that the solution you use for every problem will be compatible with your business as a whole, rather than just building a brand new set of isolated systems.

Make Decisions Based on (Good) Data

As a business owner, you need to make a lot of decisions but is the information you are basing them on correct? When you make a choice, you need to be confident that the options you are considering are realistic and accurate. Making decisions based on bad data is only marginally better than guessing based entirely on a hunch or what the ideal situation should be. You need to make sure that you are capturing the data that you need and then filter the relevant information and ensrue that it is correct. We can help you to get the right data at your fingertips so that you can be more confident in your decision-making.

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